Hello there!

My name is Komal, and I’m a current 1st-year M.S. HCI student at Georgia Tech! I love designing products that provide a pleasurable experience to users and are backed up by research on the user group! Don’t create without knowing who you’re creating for!

My main values: Empathy, Innovation, Design for others (not yourself)


My Journey

Originally from Houston, TX, I moved to Atlanta, GA to get a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Georgia Tech. During my undergrad years, I interned as an iOS Developer at Ingenious Med, a medical software company in Atlanta, GA. During my junior year, I took some psychology courses and fell in love with how humans think. I wanted to thus have a career that combined both Computer Science and Psychology. That’s when I found out about User Experience! I also have loved all forms of art ever since I was little, so UX Design naturally peaked my interest! I am currently pursuing a Master’s in Human-Computer Interaction at Georgia Tech so I can further learn how to design for the human instead of yourself.

One of my core principles is that you should always strive to help others using your own skills. Thus, I strongly believe in designing technology for social good. Certain areas that have always intrigued me are technology for health, education, and social reform. I also do enjoy creating aesthetically pleasing designs and believe that aesthetics can really make or break the user experience. I enjoy helping others in any way possible through very innovative designs. I also am interested in working in the entertainment space and have designed a video game in the past!